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Rami Moussilli, CEO

Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT): Performance driven

Despite the great wealth the oil reserves that lie beneath the sands of the Arabian Peninsula have bestowed upon the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is, in fact the deserts themselves that have shaped the character of its inhabitants since time immemorial. Now, the determination and resourcefulness that has enabled countless generations to survive and even thrive in this harshest of environments is being harnessed to shape a future where oil will no longer be the mainstay of the economy.

One company that not only embodies these traits but whose very raison d’etre is to help the Peninsula’s inhabitants cope with its scarce water supply is AlKhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT). A part of diversified manufacturing and commercial group of companies, Alkhorayef Group set up in 1957 to supply the Kingdom’s farmers with water pumps, agricultural, irrigation and well-drilling equipment. AWPT has subsequently developed into Saudi Arabia’s leading Water and Wastewater Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service provider.

With a client base that includes the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the National Water Company as well as several other major governmental, semi-governmental and private clients, AWPT is currently responsible for the efficient full scale operation of over 25% of Saudi Arabia’s water and wastewater infrastructure and plays an indispensable role in meeting the basic needs of more than fifteen million inhabitants spread over 40 towns and cities. Its activities range from turnkey execution to full scale operation and maintenance of complete value chain water and wastewater components including water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, water wells, dams, Storm, water and sewage networks and others. 

Our position as a market leader owes much to the sustainable operational philosophy that we have adopted, and that philosophy is built on our strong code of ethics, our performance-driven management and our in-depth expertise. 

Our clients keep us accountable for the high quality, new technologies and operational excellence that we deliver, and this has made us the go-to turnkey service provider in this field. We approach each project on an individually customized basis, because we understand that every system must be designed specifically for its application in order to meet the specific needs of our clients and customers.

In a move that mirrors the kingdom’s wider diversification and privatization ambitions, AWPT successfully partnered and executed many high profile projects with several global market leaders in the water and waste water sector, placing AWPT in pole position to help the Kingdom’s government effect another of the central tenets of the Vision 2030, by actively integrating international industry leaders with AWPT local expertise to pursue and develop public-private partnerships, concessions, BOT, BOO, and other contract schemes to implement privatization of green and brownfield independent sewage treatment plants (ISTP), desalination plants, utilities concessions and distribution systems. This initiative acts as one of the building blocks for the transformation of the Saudi economy and providing ideal knowledge transfer platform to build local capacity. 

With its high credit ratings, political stability and the requisite regulatory platform, the kingdom is a fertile ground for proponents of development and many have already shown considerable enthusiasm for its potential; and AWPT is increasingly the partner of choice when it comes to water and power.

We strongly believe in the interdependency and integration between the knowledge transfer capabilities we have accumulated through our experience partnering with international companies and our deep knowledge of the local markets. In terms of local talent development, we strive to recruit more young Saudi talent and invest in providing long-term careers for them. Saudization is integral to our responsibility towards the country, the community and to build our engineering capacity and know-how here. It is key to the success of the country in the future, and we play our role.

Our strategic goal for the future is to maintain our lead by continuing to expand our market share and formulate strategic partnerships with governmental and international stakeholders. We are actively participating in several BOT, BOO, and concession projects for this year and to continue strongly in the years ahead. Our focus is to further cement our leadership in the market and to transport Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies into a major developer in the region.

Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT) is one of the largest subsidiary companies of Alkhorayef Group which has been in business for over 60 years across 40 countries and 6 continents. Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT) is a vital player in the Saudi Arabian water and wastewater market for over three decades. AWPT managed in recent years, to assert itself as the leading O&M and EPC contractor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an excellent track record in water, wastewater, infrastructure, electromechanical and heavy civil field. AWPT’s lead in the market derived from a sustainable operational philosophy encompassing strong code of ethics, performance driven management, and deep subject matter expertise. AWPT’s Entrepreneurial Leadership structured AWPT into two highly organized Business Unit (Operation and Maintenance and Project Services) enabling efficient management and sufficient flexibility to dominate the market and expand regionally by focusing on client satisfaction, quality, and timely completion of projects. This accountable approach resulted in high credibility, name recognition, and made Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies the go to contractor in Saudi market. Moreover, AWPT has a big fleet of specialized construction equipment and a versatile multi-disciplined workforce totaling over 4,000 employees. Alkhorayef Water and Power, as one of the leading and long-standing Saudi firms, is a key player to materialize the implementations of Saudi Vision 2030 goals. Our experience in the market, vast resources, strong financial capabilities, diversified scope, strong track record, commitment to quality and efficient organization made us a prime candidate to formulate strategic international partnerships and make reaching Vision 2030 goals in water and power sectors ever more achievable.

AWPT’s business consists of the following three business segments:

  • water segment; 
  • wastewater segment; and 
  • integrated solutions segment.

AWPT possesses deep subject matter expertise in connection with the above business segments, including:

  • civil works, such as earthworks, shoring and dewatering solutions, structures, tanks, reservoirs and others;
  • mechanical works, such as pumping systems, clarifiers, aerators, flow meters, valves and others; 
  • processes, including biological treatment, chlorination, reverse osmosis, chemical dozing, sludge treatment and others; and
  • automation systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems comprising programmable logic controller (PLC) for automation purposes, and others.

Moreover, as there is a strong interdependency of water and energy, AWPT is heavily involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of fully integrated energy systems that are vital for providing power to collect, transport, treat water and wastewater and sludge. Such energy systems include substations, back-up power, electrical panels, implementation of energy efficiency solutions and many other components. 

Alkhorayef Water & Power Technologies asserts it-self as an industry leader with a wide presence throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a future initiative to expand his activities

Strategic Vision, Mission and Values

Lead the development of water, environmental and energy solutions for the wellbeing of society

We develop, deliver and manage water, environmental and energy solutions, focused on sustainability, innovation and excellence to exceed expectations of our stakeholders

Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies (AWPT), operates and maintains 50 projects across 9 regions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving over fifteen million inhabitants in over 400 towns and cities. such wide presence is served with nineteen logistical support centers, fully outfitted with workshops, fabrication facilities and offices.

With over 30 years of operations, AWPT has diversified its revenue streams by establishing a unique presence across all areas of the water and wastewater value chain in the kingdom.

With over 4,000 multi-disciplined workforce, and specialized fleet comprised of thousands of fully owned heavy equipment, AWPT has strong and scalable processes in place that lead to improvements in sales, performance and procurement. AWPT has been able to scale up fast in the past and can leverage this capability in the future. 

Some of its capabilities include its strong organizational skills, recruitment and procurement process that enables it to mobilize at fraction of time required by others, and source materials and equipment quickly, leveraging its supply partners. It also has an established network of suppliers and subcontractors that it can mobilise quickly if needed. 

AWPT has a training program in place that equips staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, including for example training in accordance with the occupational, safety, health administration (OSHA) and safety standards, as well as site vocational training for technicians along with a training program for fresh graduate engineers. 

The Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Department is responsible for providing health and safe working environment for AWPT’s employees, which is an absolute priority for AWPT. The measures taken by this department are primarily intended for the safety of AWPT’s employees, contractors, visitors and general public in connection with the various activities performed by its personnel at the office premises and project sites.

AWPT has developed strong environment, health, safety measures and quality assurance programs with stringent safety standards to preserve the health and safety of its employees and the public.

AWPT has undertaken several environmental, health and safety measures for the purpose of protecting and safeguarding its premises, assets, personnel and environment, as well as to ensure the continuity of its businesses.

All facilities and warehouses of AWPT are equipped with security and safety equipment, including CCTV systems, fire alarms and other firefighting equipment, and they are also guarded by security personnel. In addition, AWPT has adopted appropriate safety, security and environmental procedures and protocols, such as targeted safety training for personnel, workshops, toolbox meetings, pre-task planning and hazard assessment.

All employees, contractors and visitors are required to comply with the requirements as stipulated within the health and safety plan. The plan is reviewed and updated periodically to incorporate client and project specific requirements in the implementation of health and safety standards. 

AWPT implements continuous safety training, awareness and hands on targeted safety workshops, with work supervised by expert safety team on all projects. All activities are performed in compliance with the health and safety plan, risk hazard analysis and pre task planning. 

AWPT strictly adheres to quality assurance programs systematically in all aspects of its operations, including making sure that all products and services comply with specified requirements. The objective from the quality assurance system implemented by AWPT is to maintain client confidence and AWPT’s credibility, while also continuously improving work processes and efficiency, and increasing its competitive edge. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification that AWPT maintains is a driving force behind its quality assurance practices and mapping the processes used to implement quality assurance. 

Moreover, equipment and major tools undergo inspection and certification by third party quality assurance agencies such as TÜV. Manufactured equipment undergoes initially tests in factory and is not released until a factory acceptance test is conducted and passed. Works performed by AWPT are continuously inspected as per client requirement and results are documented and, in many instances, verified by third party when applicable. AWPT applies strict and systematic quality control systems and procedures with specified inspection test point for each activity. 

AWPT employs dedicated quality control team on its projects to maintain compliance and implement the quality assurance and quality control procedures.

OHSAS 18001-2007 Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management
ISO 14001-2015 Certificate from JAS-ANZ Environmental Management
ISO 9001-2015 Certificate from JAS-ANZ Quality Management
ISO 14001-2015 Certificate from UKAS Environmental Management
ISO 9001-2015 Certificate from UKAS Quality Management

Alkhorayef Water and Power (AWPT) has strong multi-disciplined teams that can be mobilized in record immediately when the need arises. AWPT has been able to scale up fast in the past and can leverage this capability in the future. 

AWPT has a comprehensive training program in place that equips staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. This includes vocational training workshops, technical, managerial and safety training in accordance with the occupational, safety, health administration (OSHA), as well as training program for fresh graduate engineers.